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Our non-profit, member-owned cooperative preserves and promotes the traditional and contemporary arts and crafts of our region

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HMA Photo Gallery
So many amazing artist in one location!  Below you will find pictures from our events,    special vistors, and much more. 
  1. Susan Blansett
    Susan Blansett
    Susan Blansett fashions jewelry for a Saturday Spotlight demonstration at our shop.
  2. Jeff Neil
    Jeff Neil
    Jeff Neil displays several of his lovely Shaker boxes, decorated with fine parquet work.
  3. Jeff Neil
    Jeff Neil
    Cherry strips are soaked in a hot water bath to make them pliable. They will become the lid bands.
  4. Harvey James
    Harvey James
    Harvey James became a charter member of our cooperative in 1971 and served on our Board of Directors. He made old-fashioned toys, such as whimmy diddles and limberjacks, and corncob pipes.
  5.  Madelaine Wolfe
    Madelaine Wolfe
    Madelaine Wolfe was an expert chair-bottomer, weaving smooth cane to make the seat.
  6. Mary Helton
    Mary Helton
    Mary Helton, one of our earliest members, made white oak baskets from trees that she cut down with an axe, split, and hauled to her front porch to shave into splints.
  7. John Dickens
    John Dickens
    John Dickens is an expert bird carver and painter.
  8. Mark Blevins Wood Carver
    Mark Blevins Wood Carver
    Wood carvings by Mark Blevins
  9. Mark Blevins
    Mark Blevins
    Woodcarver Mark Blevins knows how to protect his fingers. He’s been carving for many years and winning ribbons at shows for his whimsical figures.
  10. Harvest Festival 2017
    Harvest Festival 2017
    Author Carl Clarke and re-enactor Michael Henningsen chat about the “good old days” at our Harvest Festival, October 2017.
  11. Debby Clark's Cute Sock Toys
    Debby Clark's Cute Sock Toys
    Debby Clarke’s cute toys are made from Red Heel socks; her monkey pattern is traditional.
  12. Bill Clinton (Gov. of Arkansas) and Shopkeeper Charles McThenia
    Bill Clinton (Gov. of Arkansas) and Shopkeeper Charles McThenia
    Bill Clinton stopped at the Cave House, our first craft shop, in 1989, and bought a piece of pottery for Hillary.
  13. Olivia Maxfield
    Olivia Maxfield
    Olivia Maxfield tells a visitor at the Sawdust Festival about her painted rocks.
  14. John Dickens
    John Dickens
    John Dickens is sharing his knowledge with an aspiring carver.
  15. Rhonda Davenport Table Runners
    Rhonda Davenport Table Runners
    Rhonda's colorful table runners are the product of Swedish weaving our shop.
  16. Rhonda Davenport
    Rhonda Davenport
    Rhonda Davenport explains her Swedish weaving techniques to visitors during her Saturday Spotlight appearance at our shop.
  17. Jane Brinkman’s basket class
    Jane Brinkman’s basket class
    Students in Jane Brinkman’s basket class have her model for inspiration.
  18. Olivia Maxfield
    Olivia Maxfield
    Olivia Maxfield is learning how to burn wood under Phil Topa’s guidance. Visitors and students are welcome at the Woodcarvers meetings on Monday evenings in our Annex.
  19.  Road Scholar visitors
    Road Scholar visitors
    Carver Linda Childers shows a piece that she is working on to a Road Scholar visitor.
  20. Mark Blevins
    Mark Blevins
    Road Scholar visitors meet carver Mark Blevins, who tells them about his trips to carving shows and the ribbons he has won.
  21. Deborah Casey
    Deborah Casey
    Deborah Casey explains her carving to a Road Scholar visitor.
  22. Carver John Dickens
    Carver John Dickens
    Carver John Dickens shows visitors a work-in-progress.
  23. Rock Art
    Rock Art
    Olivia Maxfield tells these visitors about her painted rock art.
  24. Apple Butter
    Apple Butter
    At the end of the day, Barry and Mark Blevins and their nephew Devin carried several cases of fresh apple butter to the shop, where it is available for sale.
  25. The Blevins Family
    The Blevins Family
    The Blevins family set up their apple butter operation and invited people to help them stir it off. Benjamen Kersey takes a turn here.
  26. Bob and Terry
    Bob and Terry
    Bob Boatwright helps Terry Clark load apples into the hopper for their journey through the chopper and into the presser. Terry, who is a wood and metal artisan, built the apple press.
  27. Michael Henningsen
    Michael Henningsen
    Michael Henningsen, the director of Corps Values Music Heritage and a resident craftsperson at our Annex, demonstrates some of his Revolutionary War-era instruments and describes their history.
  28. Spinner Fiona Zahnke
    Spinner Fiona Zahnke
    Spinner Fiona Zahnke demonstrates spinning lamb’s wool into yarn for visitors at our Harvest Festival.
  29. Apple Butter
    Apple Butter
    Children took turns stirring the apple butter at our Harvest Festival.